• "We implemented eBASE about three years ago and it has significantly improved our ability to effectively manage our facilities. The Work Order module has made it easier for maintenance staff to respond in a timely manner when issues are identified by staff and faculty. The use of the Assets module has allowed us to build maintenance schedules and auto-generate work orders to ensure critical servicing of equipment and facilities are not missed. We have recently started using the Projects module and will be rolling it out more fully with upcoming work. The DMS Technologies team has been easy to work with and always responsive when our system managers need assistance. If you are looking for a robust system to help manage your facilities, eBASE is certainly worth considering."
    Neil Piller - Director of Operations, St. George's School, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • "The professional and accommodating approach that DMS Technologies has created a flexible, the DMS Technologies team has provided during our transition from our previous facility management software to eBASE is representative of the product as well. We have found the software to be very user-friendly and reflective of our business practices. The various modules have really helped our school district focus on a structured implementation and definitely suits our industry. It’s comforting to know that the data is there when I need it!"
    John Neville - Manager, Facility Services & Organizational Support Services, Thames Valley District School Board
  • "DMS Technologies has created a flexible, cloud-based system that exceeds our unique requirements. Implementation of the eBASE systems was simple and hassle free as the staff at DMS are always available to assist with system configuration and setup. Their unlimited training and support is undeniably some of the best offered in the industry. Their staff are continuously available to answer any questions or provide training whenever needed. eBASE has become our centralized location for all of our operational facilities data."
    James W. Woods - Director, NC Facilities, Niagara College Canada
  • "eBASE allows our school board staff and user groups to navigate through the system, view spaces and availability and create and edit permits with ease. Ministry reporting can be compiled within seconds. DMS Technologies staff work one-on-one with clients to ensure their needs are met."
    Kelly O'Boyle - Outreach Coordinator, Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board
  • "I have had the pleasure of working with DMS Technologies for the past 20 years. DMS has always impressed me with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspires confidence, but also generates the results we need. We needed an effective solution to address the problem of managing facility data. By partnering with DMS Technologies, we have been able to optimize the management of our data and protect our organization from risk. From their state-of-the-art asbestos management and work order systems to their helpful, knowledgeable and friendly staff, our experience with DMS Technologies has confirmed that we’ve partnered with true leaders in the facility data management field. I look forward to our continued business relationship."
    Tom Oldham - Manager of Facility Services, Grand Erie District School Board
  • "Despite very tight timelines, eBASE helped us implement our new system quickly and efficiently. eBASE supported us throughout this transition. Their service and expertise are excellent and highly recommended. The flexibility within the system and the ability to configure system options to meet our unique needs is unparalleled in the marketplace. eBASE has become the key software system through which all of our facilities information is shared."
    Peter Homm - Maintenance Supervisor, Mechanical, London District Catholic School Board

About Us

eBASE provides school boards, independent schools, colleges, universities and corporations with a robust, yet easy-to-use software suite that ensures facilities are managed efficiently and capital assets are used effectively.

​As a leader in the facilities management industry, eBASE has assisted a diverse range of facilities management professionals over the past decade in improving workflow and facility management processes. We work closely with our clients, employing a user-driven approach to software to ensure that client solutions constantly evolve to reflect the unique needs of our users.

That user-driven approach has helped us create a solution that automates the core functions of facilities management into 16 customized modules that enhance processes to save money and time.

From simplifying the complexities of project management to alleviating the frustration of routine tasks like log sheets, room rentals, supply ordering and lock and key management, eBASE’s customized modules are designed to reflect the unique needs of your organization.

With no additional hardware costs, no initial setup costs, automated updates and scalable usage, the eBase suite of software meets and exceeds the challenges that arise in the world of facilities management.