eBASE Software

Workflow Manager
eBASE Workflow Manager streamlines facility requests for routine maintenance providing enhanced communication and improved service levels within your organization.  Read More >
Asset Manager
This robust and fully configurable module catalogues and records vital asset information for the purposes of scheduled maintenance and lifecycle management. Read More >
Inspections Manager
Inspections Manager gives users the ability to generate, record and action issues identified through various inspections. Read More >
Digital Logbooks
The Digital Logs module ensures vital records and logs are always current and available.  Read More >
Community Use of Schools
Significantly reduce the workload and handling time associated with the permit process for community users. Read More >
Utilize Registrations for eBASE to organize and manage adult education courses and specialized educational offerings available to public users. Read More >
Project Manager
Use Project Manager to track capital projects including budgets, cost analysis, asset replacement and project scheduling. Read More >
Safe Workplace & Employee Training Centre
Record, store and report on compliance records related to staff and contractors within your eBASE Application. Read More >
Fleet Manager
Drive organizational efficiency with detailed information related to your fleet of vehicles. Read More >
Supplies & Inventory
The Supplies & Inventory Manager features multi-vendor and product integration and provides users with an easy-to-use, consistent ordering system. Read More >
This fully integrated time management tool captures employee hours and manages associated data. Read More >
Energy Manager

Capture, report, analyze and manage energy consumption through the recording of utility expenses and related costs. Read More >

Lock & Key
Use eBASE Lock & Key Manager to track and record key and lockset inventory. Read More >
Document Manager
Upload, share and view unlimited information within your organization with Document Manager for eBASE. Read More >
Operations Manager
The Operations Manager module leverages intuitive tools to effectively manage the day-to-day operations of your facilities.  Read More >
My Facilities

My Facilities offers facility profile, space management, related room use, capacity and designated substances reports. Read More >