Asset Manager

Asset Manager

This robust and fully configurable module catalogues and records vital asset information for the purposes of scheduled maintenance and lifecycle management. Customer defined asset templates, maintenance task libraries and configurable industry formats maximize benefits and reduce costs.


  • Capture and store major capital assets within the building envelope including mechanical, electrical and architectural components and systems
  • Track complete lifecycle information for all your organization's physical assets, including theoretical life, estimated replacement date and current value
  • Catalogue service and installation warranties, serial numbers, and preventative maintenance routines as well as associated manuals, photos and other documentation with the specific asset to ensure users have access to the information they need
  • Plan inspections and routine maintenance according to your preventative maintenance plan using the built-in scheduler
  • Automatically generate and assign work orders
  • Search and report on work orders by asset and by type of maintenance schedule
  • Search and report on asset information tag assets with eBASE generated barcodes or QR codes
  • Auto generate unique equipment identifcation numbers for improved site management and asset identification


  • Unlimited configuration and customizable template options ensure the module reflets your organization's unique needs
  • Gain a better understanding of how assets are impacting operational costs by tracking information on virtually any type of asset within your organization
  • Completely compatible with industry standard UNIFORMAT II building classification system
  • Improve on-site facility assessments with better quality information that is easily recorded and retrieved
  • Fully accessible from any web-enabled device


  • ​​Inspections Manager - Create specific inspection templates for various assets to maximize life span.
  • Workflow Manager - Record complete maintenance history by assets. 
  • Digital Logs - Track individual logs by asset. 
  • Project Manager - Repair and replace assets with Project Manager to capture vital data.

Asset Manager