17 Ideas To Add To Your Facility Checklist

More and more school boards are realizing that eBASE’s Digital Logbooks module offers a perfect solution for transforming vacant facility checks from a paper trail nightmare to an easy and automated online process. 

Custodians appreciate Digital Logbooks’ simple-to-use checklists because they create consistency across multiple locations and provide a very clear expectation of what’s required for each school’s check. Supervisors and Managers like being able to stay well informed about all of their facilities without having to physically visit each space. The confidence of knowing that reporting data for insurance company requirements is always accurate and up-to-date is another great advantage.

If you’re automating your vacant facility checks, here are some great ideas from other organizations to consider incorporating into your facility checklists:

  • Windows are properly closed, sealed and locked
  • Curtains and/or blinds on all windows are closed
  • All small appliances (e.g. portable heaters, toaster ovens, microwaves, technical classroom tools) are unplugged
  • Tank valves are properly turned off in technical classrooms
  • No combustible materials are stored in front of heating units or other ignition sources
  • All lights are turned off upon exiting the space
  • All doors are locked upon exiting the space
  • All toilets have been flushed
  • All sink taps have been turned on weekly and run to check for clogs and refill the P-traps
  • Water has been poured down floor drains in mechanical rooms on a weekly basis
  • Autoscrub batteries have been recharged weekly by unplugging for 5 minutes and then plugging back in (check water levels if you have that kind of battery)
  • If any evidence of pests or rodents is found, report it to arrange for pest control
  • Check all garbage and recycling areas. If bins are full, report to arrange for pickup. If there is evidence of illegal dumping or the bins are damaged, take pictures and send them to a Supervisor.
  • Check building exterior for vandalism, broken glass or other damage. Complete a vandalism report if issues are found.

Put Safety First

Don’t forget, it’s easy to incorporate safety reminders and required actions into your Vacant Facility  Inspection checklist that employees must acknowledge or complete prior to starting their inspection duties. Things to consider adding include:

  • Sanitize hands when entering or exiting the school
  • Wear disposable gloves, face mask or other appropriate PPE
  • Complete a COVID-19 risk assessment

Learn how one school board used COVID-19 as a catalyst to automate vacant facility checks.

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