No More Passing Paper. Forms Move Online

If a GPS tracker could be attached to a traditional paper form, the inefficiency of its organizational journey would be an eye-opening realization to many. The path of paper forms is rarely a direct route from Point A to Point B. Between forms that get misplaced, forms that get completed incorrectly and need to be redone and forms that need to be resent and signed when procedures change, there’s an incredibly high hassle factor for all parties involved. 


In 2020, as record numbers of employees hunkered down at home offices to work remotely, the inefficiency of a form system that’s dependent on people physically passing pieces of paper between them became even more apparent. Savvy school boards took the opportunity to streamline their system using the eBASE Form Logic Module. 



eBASE Form Logic allows organizations to securely manage their organizational forms with online tools that can be accessed by administrators and end-users from any web-enabled device. Smart routing creates an approval path for each form, notifying the right people at the right time when something requires their authorization. 

Mandatory completion reminders ensure that required information is documented before the form can be submitted. All forms are stored in one easily searchable and secure location, so when completed forms need to be referenced in the future, they’re always just a few clicks away.

Check out some of the forms and reporting processes that Form Logic helped boards with:

Human Resources

  • Overtime Recording Form
  •  Change of Employee Information
  • Leave of Absence Form
  • COVID-19 Self-Assessment Form
  • Safe Schools Incident Reporting
  • Workplace Violence Incident Form


  • Payroll Change Request
  • Overtime Recording Form
  •  Purchase Requisition Form
  • P-Card Request Form


  • Pre-Procurement Initiative Form
  • Overtime Recording Form
  • Pre-Work Approval Form
  • Hot Work Permit
  • Vehicle & Equipment Collision Report


  • Building Incident Report
  • New Supply Request
  • New Equipment Request
  • Staff Entry to Building Request

School boards who automate their forms process using Form Logic are often stunned by the efficiency improvements driven by their decisions.  One school board reported that after implementing the Form Logic module, their average time for processing forms decreased from one week to two days.

Improved efficiency is just one of the positive outcomes driven by eBASE Form Logic. Real-time tracking of the data being collected through the forms that gets compiled into easy-to-read reports offers a window into telling trends that may be occurring within the organization. For example, one school board has started to regularly review and compare data collected from different employee groups for indicators of potential safety problems. Shifting from being reactive to proactive allows them to develop solutions to situations before they grow into larger issues. 

Learn more about the Form Logic module and see for yourself why it is already being used by more than 90% of Ontario’s school boards as well as by school districts in British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba.


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