Meet The Modules: Digital Logbooks

The Old Way


Big, bulky binders filled with old checklists that no one really looks at. Missed inspection deadlines because things got busy and other projects took priority. Telling trends and useful organizational data buried in a pile of paperwork. Negative audit findings because little to-dos were overlooked. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, there’s a better way to manage your organization’s log books.

 The Better Way 

eBASE’s Digital Logbooks Module automates traditional paper-based inspection and audit checklists into a streamlined system that allows data to be captured on web-enabled devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Instead of being tucked away in a hard-to-find binder somewhere, the data captured when inspections get completed is stored online, allowing users across the organization to easily find it wherever their day happens to take them. Ready-to-use reporting templates automatically integrate the data collected into meaningful findings, making it easier to spot opportunities for organizational improvement.

Most Appreciated Time Savers

Digital Logs

Digital logs are automatically generated at a set frequency and reminders are set to the appropriate personnel as logs are due and if deadlines get missed

Connected Systems

A common online system shared between facilities saves staff from searching for paper-based logbooks when assigned to a different work location


A library of common log forms and customizable log templates makes it quick and easy to create logs that reflect each facility’s unique inspection and audit requirements

Users Also Love

  • Instant Capture

    Instant data capture makes reporting a breeze

  • Enhanced Log Entries

    Log entries can be supplemented with additional data, comments and images to help better communicate inspection findings

  • Module Training

    Module training videos and tip sheets make it easy for new team members to get up to speed on using the software quickly

Lighten the Loads For

Maintenance Managers

Facilities Staff

Janitorial and Custodial Staff

Building Services Managers

Building Data Technicians

Energy and Environmental Managers

Super Users

Pairs Perfectly With

Add the eBASE Asset Manager Module to link logs to specific assets and simplify related maintenance tasks and compliance reporting

Add the eBASE Facility Inspections Module to create digital logbooks that capture when inspections occur and track completion of required action items identified through inspections

Number Crunching

Transforming your organizations inspection process from a paper-based system to a streamlined web-based system does so much more than save trees! Taking data online allows users across the organization to save time by accessing the data they need with a few clicks from anywhere with a web-enabled device. When data is easy to capture, easy to share and easy to analyze, trends that point to cost savings opportunities become much easier to identify.

Tech Talk

  • Powered by eBASE, a cloud-based software solution that allows unlimited users to access its modules at any time through any standard web-enabled device, including smart phones and tablets
  • No additional computer hardware required
  • All software updates are automated and included in the all-inclusive annual subscription price, as is ongoing maintenance and unlimited access to our 24/7 toll-free help desk, which is staffed by experienced, Ontario-based product specialists
  • All organizational historical data is preserved when the new software is implemented
  • Onsite training ensures all users are confident in using the system prior to launch

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