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The Old Way


Facility rentals do a lot more than bring community members together. They are also a significant source of revenue for school boards and municipalities. However, without the right system in place, facility rentals can result in additional labour costs for many organizations. Having to manage bookings and cancellations, track payments and generate reports the “old way” can be cumbersome and costly.

 The Better Way 

eBASE’s Facility Rentals module, which was created and continues to be updated with input from facilities rental staff, addresses the most common headaches caused by the community rental process. The module streamlines and automates all facilities rentals tasks into one comprehensive online portal, allowing team members to spend more time on activities that add true value.

Most Appreciated Time Savers

Reduces Workload

Reduces the workload and handling time associated with the permit process for community users

Secure Payments

Makes secure credit card payment and related bookkeeping for rental spaces a breeze

Simple to Use

Simplifies and automates lease and rental applications for public use of community facilities

On Demand Reports

Creates easy-to-read and simple-to-share reports that offer valuable insight into space usage

Users Also Love

  • Facility Catalogue

    Generating a "facility catalogue" with just a few clicks to communicate key details about the facilities and spaces available for rent

  • Calendar View

    The at-a-glance knowledge of facility usage thanks to the monthly calendar and agenda views is high on the 'must-have' list for facility rental users

  • Custom Options

    Easy customization options allow the module to adapt to specific permitting scenarios, changes in policies and other unique organizational needs

  • Ease of Access

    Full access from any computer, laptop, tablet and smartphones on the go.

  • Insurance Tracking

    Accurate reporting for insurance tracking purposes decreases exposure to liability risks

Lightens the Load for...

Rnt 12

Outreach Coordinators

Facility Rental Admins

Community Use of Schools Staff

Facility Rental Clerks

Recreation Staff

Super Users

We love our clients - especially those that push the envelope with their Facility Rentals Process.

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