Meet The Modules: Work Orders

The Old Way


A smooth process for creating, communicating and tracking work orders is critical for a facilities management team to operate efficiently. Without the right system in place, time is wasted trying to access details, critical deadlines can be missed and outside vendors can be left out of the loop.

 The Better Way 

eBASE’s Work Orders module, which was created and continues to be updated with input from actual facilities maintenance staff, addresses the most common headaches caused by the work order process. The module streamlines and automates all work order tasks into one comprehensive online portal, allowing team members to securely create and manage online work orders from any location on their computer, tablet or mobile device. On average, eBASE Work Order users decrease the time it takes to assign work orders by 75% compared to their previous system.

Most Appreciated Time Savers


Work orders can be assigned to one or more technicians and/or external contractors by web, paper or email


Work order technicians can be grouped by internal and external service providers to various types of work for fast and easy dispatch


employee locations can be tracked with GPS API allowing time to be saved by dispatching technicians to new jobs who are already working in the area

Notifications Manager

All actions are tracked in each work order’s history and the Notification Manager offers at-a-glance confirmation if service requests have been read and addressed in a timely manner


Work can be easily escalated between departments

Intuitive Filtering

Intuitive list filtering and sorting helps ensure any work order backlogs can be managed efficiently

Users Also Love

  • Work Order Templates

    Work order templates can be easily customized to reflect your organization’s unique needs and terminology

  • Ready-to-use Reports

    Helpful, ready-to-use reports are also available with built-in options developed with input from actual module users

  • Vendor & Invoice Information

    Vendor and invoice information can be imported directly from BAS, NaVISION and other financial systems

  • Track Key Metrics

    Key metrics can be tracked for easy reporting, including associated time and costs for key users

  • In-Module Support Videos

    In-module support videos make it convenient for users to learn about additional software functionality whenever they have time

Lighten the Loads For

Facilities Directors

Facilities Maintenance Managers

Maintenance & Operations Managers

Plant Managers


Building Systems Coordinators

Super Users

Word On The Street

“It has been over 10 years since our board first starting using eBASE Work Orders. It has become the most valuable tool our maintenance department has ever purchased. Ease of use and endless support make eBASE the right choice for any organization.”

Maintenance Manager

Avon Maitland District School Board

“Our department relies heavily on eBASE for organizing our work day, controlling work flow and servicing our campus needs. It's become essential to facilitating and scheduling preventative maintenance for all our HVAC systems.”

Manager, Maintenance and Operations

Ridley College

“eBASE has made our work order system much easier to use. It is very user friendly. Better control of tracking hours, inventory and invoices. Great report feature and search ability.”

Facilities Management System Coordinator

Ottawa Carleton District School Board

“The platform is fantastic no matter what you use if for. It helps keep our team organized, on track and hold everyone accountable. It's an easy way for everyone to have access to the same files and documentation in order to operate smoothly on a day-to-day basis.”

Building Systems Coordinator

Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board

Pairs Perfectly With

Add the eBASE Facility Inspections Module to easily create and track work orders related to your organization’s compliance and inspection audits.

Add the eBASE Asset Manager Module to perform complete asset lifecycle and costing analysis with integrated asset management and costing data

Add the eBASE Project Manager Module to incorporate work order data into capital project planning and monitoring

Add the eBASE Budgets Module to track real time budget usage from every individual work order in one secure destination

Number Crunching

Streamlining and automating your organization’s work order process with this module does much more than just help your maintenance team get outstanding assignments completed faster. Because the module can be easily integrated with financial tracking tools, reporting between finance and maintenance occurs instantly, allowing all work order costs to be tracked in real time.

Tech Talk

  • Powered by eBASE, a cloud-based software solution that allows unlimited users to access its modules at any time through any standard web-enabled device, including smart phones and tablets
  • No additional computer hardware required
  • All software updates are automated and included in the all-inclusive annual subscription price, as is ongoing maintenance and unlimited access to our 24/7 toll-free help desk, which is staffed by experienced, Ontario-based product specialists
  • All organizational historical data is preserved when the new software is implemented
  • Onsite training ensures all users are confident in using the system prior to launch

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