Better Together: Feedback from eBASE Facility Rentals Users Inspires Timesaving New Upgrade

What’s the best way to design a software system for users who live and breathe facilities management? Ask the people who live and breathe facilities management how the software could make their lives even easier! Our one-on-one conversations with eBASE clients and our user group panels provide us with an endless supply of inspiration for how we can enhance eBASE modules to better serve our users.

eBASE Introduces Financial Reporting Integration

A recent example of how client feedback inspired a terrific update is the development of our Facility Rentals Financials API and a new set of financial tools. API stands for Application Programming Interface, which, in layperson’s terms, is a tool that allows two applications or modules to talk to each other.

The eBASE Facility Rentals module users we spoke with pointed out that the financial reporting and reconciliation process can be very time consuming. They also told us that in some cases, too much time was being spent having to explain billing charges to those who had rented their facilities.

Armed with that feedback, the eBASE development team got to work collecting additional input from a variety of users with facility rental and accounting responsibilities. In less than 3 months, eBASE introduced a new Facility Rentals Financials API and a set of financial tools that offered users a range of new features, including:

Seventy eBASE users are already taking advantage of the additional functionality that the Facility Rentals Financials API offers, and the feedback has been fantastic. According to one user:

“The new update has really cut down on the time we spend asking for reports to be pulled, and trying to explain billing history and upcoming charges to renters. It has streamlined it so we can defer them to their online account and they can let us know if they have any questions. It really does help from the auditing side with having the itemized statements and receipts too.”

Another user reported that the Facility Rentals Financial API gives her additional confidence in the fiscal year end numbers that she’s asked to pull and report.

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You can also find a Facility Rentals Module overview here and read about how one of Canada’s largest school boards is using the Facility Rentals Module to streamline cancelled bookings.

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