Facility Managers: A Facility Manager’s Guide To Getting More Done In Less Time

If there’s one common complaint amongst Facility Managers, it’s that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get through everything on their to-do list. That said, in our conversations with Facility Managers across Canada and the United States, we also hear many success stories from those who are using tools that are helping them take on some of their most time-sucking tasks by working smarter instead of harder. Here are some examples of how time-savvy Facility Managers are getting more done in less time.

eBASE Work Orders Reduces Communication Time

The Time Sucker:
Having to communicate the same job to multiple people, multiple times

The Smarter Solution:
The Work Orders module from eBASE streamlines maintenance work assignments and communications to team members across all your facilities. This tool lets you create and manage multiple work orders and communicate them to employees and contractors with a click from any device.

eBASE Facilities Rentals Keeps Everyone Informed

The Time Sucker:
Facility rental chaos

The Smarter Solution:
What’s more frustrating, the calls and emails it takes to get an answer on when a site can accommodate your work crew or the call you get from your staff when they arrive and find the site is in use? The eBASE Facility Rentals module allows you to monitor facility schedules and usage from any device in a dynamic calendar view. With a quick glance at your phone, you can determine the best time to schedule a job and then book the space to ensure your team’s work isn’t interrupted.

eBASE Form Logic Streamlines Processes

The Time Sucker:
Chasing signatures and finding paperwork

The Smarter Solution:
Imagine the time you would get back in your day if things like forms requiring sign-off effortlessly made their own way through the chain of command, and you could find digital copies of paperwork at any time with a single click? The eBASE Form Logic module does precisely that by streamlining your organizational forms process and storing everything securely for the future so you can access it from any web-enabled device.

eBASE Safe Workplace Module Tracks Training Compliance

The Time Sucker:
Tracking employee safety training

The Smarter Solution:
Wouldn’t it be great to spend more time actually making sure your employees are working safely instead of tracking their health and safety training? That’s why we designed the eBASE Safe Workplace module. From distributing required training modules to automatically reminding employees who have failed to take them and tracking completion and expiration dates, Safe Workplace takes care of the details so you can dedicate more time to having critical safety conversations with your team.

eBASE Facility Inspections Automation Saves Times

The Time Sucker:
Managing the endless paperwork of facility inspection compliance

The Smarter Solution:
If any of your facility inspections still involve a clipboard, assigning the tasks to the right people to get those action items off your clipboard and completed can take a lot of time. The Facility Inspections module automates every action associated with your traditional clipboard routine, routing tasks to the appropriate people with the touch of a button. Digital time stamps track who has completed the assignment. As auditing information is required, you can find what you need in a few quick clicks.

eBASE Digital Logbooks Minimizes Paperwork

The Time Sucker:
Too much tedious tracking paperwork

The Smarter Solution:
It’s time to move beyond the binder! The Digital Logbooks module upgrades loose (and lost) papers to a simple digital system that your whole team can access from any device. Automated tasks can be assigned daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly and alerts are sent automatically when tasks are missed.

eBASE Asset Manager Module is Your Virtual Assistant

The Time Sucker:
Capital Asset To-Do List Creep

The Smarter Solution:
As your facilities add capital assets, your to-do list grows. There are more maintenance inspections, more financial reporting responsibilities, and more questions and concerns related to your assets’ warranties and repairs. The Asset Manager module gives you time back by serving as a virtual assistant for all information related to your capital assets. From generating and assigning preventative maintenance tasks to storing warranties and tracking estimated values and replacement dates, all your asset management tasks are organized and under and control.

Do you have another time-sucking facility maintenance task that you’d like to automate? Schedule a call to discover if one of our eBASE modules can help you and your team.

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