5 Ways eBASE Is Helping Facilities Management Teams In The Fight Against COVID-19

While the pandemic’s arrival in 2020 altered life for everyone, the changes it has driven in the roles and responsibilities of those working in Facilities Management have been particularly impactful. It’s said that adversity breeds creativity, and that’s certainly been the case with many of our clients, who have implemented innovative new ways to use their eBASE modules to streamline and simplify the many additional tasks and procedures driven by evolving COVID-19 protocols. Here are five recent examples.

The Challenge

Staying on top of the tracking required for things like self-screening of symptoms, building entry and enhanced disinfecting protocols

The eBASE Solution

A number of eBASE clients are using the Form Logic module to allow employees to complete and submit their self-screen attestations and medical exemption forms digitally. An online database of records allows past results from self-screenings to be accessed with a few quick clicks should the need ever arise. Online forms through the Digital Logbooks module are also making tracking building entry much easier for users than using paper-based logs. eBASE clients are also using the Digital Logbooks module to track the timing and completion of enhanced COVID-19 cleaning tasks.

The Challenge

Ensuring all employees are trained on evolving COVID-19 protocols

The eBASE Solution

The eBASE Safe Workplace module allows those who oversee training to quickly create and revise online learning courses to ensure employees are receiving the most up-to-date information. In addition, the Safe Workplace module integrates with the Registrations module, so as employees sign up for and complete hands-on training, certification records are automatically generated and recorded.

The Challenge

Communicating facility-specific COVID-19 protocols to internal trades and outside contractors

The eBASE Solution

With just a few clicks, users of the eBASE Work Orders module can easily add a banner to each work order to direct anyone who accesses it to the building-specific COVID-19 guidelines they are expected to follow as they complete the job.

The Challenge

Ensuring that proper proof of vaccination screening is taking place and COVID-19 public gathering protocols are being followed by those renting one of the organization’s spaces

The eBASE Solution

The custom fields in the eBASE Facility Rentals module save the day when it comes to quickly capturing required information regarding vaccination attestations. To help eBASE users save even more time, we’ve also recently added a new “Booking Reminder” notification that makes it easy to send alerts to permit holders, event supervisors and organization administrators prior to their event. eBASE clients are using these alerts to send a message right before the event to remind the renter that they must complete the vaccination screening and adhere to COVID-19 protocols.

The Challenge

Ensuring high-demand COVID-19 PPE equipment and cleaning products are always in stock

The eBASE Solution

The eBASE Supplies module and all-new Inventory module are easing the pressure for many clients when it comes to keeping a consistent supply of things like face masks, shields, gloves, and disinfecting products.

Our Inventory module helps eBASE clients manage supply levels and control costs with real-time quantity synchronization to prevent out of stocks and reduce picking and shipping errors. The Inventory module offers a birds-eye view of all items in stock, allowing users to easily stay on top of re-orders and ensure those purchase decisions are backed by hard data. Some clients have integrated their Work Orders module with the Inventory module, so if staff completing a job see that supplies in a building are getting low, they can quickly enter a request for a restock.

When inventory is running low, the Supplies module makes it effortless for authorized staff to replenish anything from the organization’s complete supply inventory from any web-enabled device. Helpful tracking and reporting tools identify usage trends that can then be used to build a pre-set ordering schedule for high-demand items.

How Can eBASE help your team?

Is your organization struggling with the extra tasks and tracking being driven by COVID-19? Reach out to our team, and we’ll help you identify a customized eBASE solution that can streamline and simplify things for your organization.

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