Great people. Great work. Great facility management software.

Homemade in St. Catharines, Ontario

Why eBASE?

We are in it for those that live and breathe in facilities. The everyday office, school, campus or any building you step into off the street – we hope to make each experience better. We might even go as far as saying we nerd out over facility management. 

If we can help organizations focus forward – it’s a great day. 

Who Are We

A group of quirky individuals who are are eager to share our insight.

Our Mission

Streamline facility processes by creating solutions that work with you.

What We Do

Handcraft and administer facility management software in organizations.

Where it all began

In a city not too far away, at a time not too long ago, a man named Jeff was asked one question, "Do you think you could build us software to help manage facilities?"

Jeff combined his vast knowledge and experience within the facility management industry with his drive to help others and started developing a solution.  

Which brings us to today, an amazing team, brand new office and you reading this short blurb. Jeff and the entire team grew a question into a powerful piece of software that over 500,000 users rely on every day.

We're impressed. We hope you are too.  

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Why choose us?

It’s not very often you get unlimited support. And did we forget to mention, for free? Connect with one of our eBASE specialist Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM EST.

Every organization has unique facility management needs. Our module-based system makes it easy to configure accordingly. Pay only for what you need to get your custom fit solution.

Our subscription model provides unlimited user licensing, ongoing maintenance and comprehensive training to ensure the best experience possible.

We are in your court from day one. Anything to do with facilities – staff, caretakers, managers, workers or public users – we provide advice, guidance and smiles to help each day a little easier.


The eBASE crew is a group of driven, quirky people who are passionate about helping people.

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