Document Manager

Use this module to:

Use this module to:

Access anytime

View and share your organizations documents online at anytime. With multiple category options, organize files to suite the needs of users.

Share files

Allow external users to view files through a sharing feature. One repository, for everyone. 

Control access

Easily manage which users can access which documents. Control sensitive documentation using permission-based access.

Track & report

Track user access using a retrieval library and run reports on the entire organization document repository. 

Say farewell to paper.

Go digital and view organizational documents from any web-enabled device.

Real-time software

With real-time software you can access up-to-date facility information from anywhere. Get your hands on the exact data you need.

Open and view files, add document expiry dates, share with users all within one repository. Who ever said you need to be a large organization to benefit from an online solution?

Data dive

Our interface integrates the latest web technology to maximize speed and ease of use. Access ready-to-use reports with built-in options to integrate all your data points in one place. 

Create, analyze and share meaningful files that display your organization’s real-time data. 

Cross-module flow

We pride ourselves on keeping things simple and supporting an environment that’s easy-to-use, but we also know the importance of multi-department integration. We offer a suite of modules that help manage multiple facilities from one unified platform.

Our Document Manager ties into multiple modules – ensuring everyone has access to the documents they need, when they need them.

Maximize eBASE by integrating Document Manager with:

 Work Orders
Incorporate floor, roof and site plans within facility work orders for quick reference on the job.

 Project Manager 
Store and associate unlimited project and facility data for project execution and historical reference.

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