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Black Gold School Division Work Order Management

The front of a school building with a Black Gold School Division sign on it.

As part of the maintenance and operation team, you know how challenging it can be to manage the never-ending work orders, tasks, and approvals. With this, items are bound to get lost along the way and tasks can pile up quickly. This is the story of the Black Gold School Division in Alberta, who transformed their work order management with the help of ebase.

Nestled in the heart of Alberta, the Black Gold School Division provides the highest possible standard of educational opportunities for students located within the 31 schools in the system. With this goal in mind, the school division continually seeks ways to enhance operational efficiency and elevate the overall educational experience for both students and staff. That is why they transitioned to ebase software to help improve and streamline their daily operations.

Finding the Right Solution

Prior to the transition to ebase, Black Gold School Division found themselves looking for an easy-to-use software that would seamlessly facilitate the switch and ensure effortless adaptation for their users. The main issue they had in the past was that tasks were not getting to the team soon enough, which led to tasks piling up and delays in getting things done. Impressed by the simplicity and practicality of the ebase Work Order Module that other school divisions nearby were using, Black Gold decided ebase would be the best fit into their organization.

Karla the Facilities Rental Assistant at Black Gold went on to say “Problem solving between different school divisions that use ebase is an asset” which ultimately helped the team decide to implement ebase software.

Transition to ebase

Last March, Black Gold successfully embraced the transition to ebase software. Despite the challenges that often accompany change the team was pleasantly surprised at how easy the transition went due to the seamless navigation and user-friendly interface. The transitions garnered and overwhelmingly positive response from the on-the-ground team members, further highlighting the success of Black Gold’s integration with ebase.

One large selling point for staff was the Microsoft Azure Integration. With this partnership the login process is simplified, eliminating the need for users to remember an array of different passwords as they can access ebase with their existing Microsoft credentials. Just by using this integration, the team saved a significant amount of time and expedited the work order process, all while enhancing security measures.

Work Orders in Action

The work order module provides users with an all-in-one solution that streamlines communication regarding facility requests, improving the management of maintenance and repairs. At Black Gold, the team maximizes the module’s capabilities to foster collaborative work orders. This involves consolidating additional jobs into a single request, especially beneficial when multiple trades are necessary to complete a task. This method significantly streamlines the process, enabling the creation of multiple tasks under a single work order instead of generating several separate ones. This approach addresses past issues where work orders were getting pushed back or misplaced due to the long list of tasks.

The capability to assign work orders to multiple technicians and contractors is an asset that assists Black Gold in efficiently dispatching their team. In the past, Black Gold encountered limitations as they were unable to assign tasks to one or more dispatchers, causing significant delays in tasks reaching the team promptly. Employees demonstrate an impressive 70% usage of ebase through their mobile devices, allowing them to efficiently complete daily tasks while on the move. The integration of pictures and videos in work orders has proven to be a game-changer for the team, streamlining issue identification and facilitating faster problem resolution.

Unlock Your Team’s True Potential

A system only works if it works well for all users, beginners or advanced. The work orders module is designed and continually updated based on the feedback from our active maintenance team members, such as the dedicated team at Black Gold School Division. Trust the experience of Karla and her team, and transition to ebase today. Benefit from an efficient system that streamlines facility requests, allowing you to expediate task completion. Connect with us today.

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