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Work Orders

Streamline facility requests for routine maintenance providing enhanced communication and improved service levels

Facility Rentals

Significantly reduce the workload and handling time associated with permit process for facility users. With an online portal and credit card functionality.

Digital Logbooks

Eliminate the need for traditional paper log books. Unlimited by design, users can create custom templates or choose from an existing library.

Form Logic

Report and store institutional incidents and processes. Users can create forms in confidence and administrators are notified immediately.

Facility Inspections

Generate, record and action issues identified through various inspections. Including Joint Health & Safety, Facility Condition Assessments and Audits.

Project Manager

Track capital projects including budgets, cost analysis, asset replacement and project scheduling. Compatible with capital planning solutions.

Operations Manager

Leverage intuitive tools to effectively manage the day-to-day operations of facilities, including staffing levels, work load calculations and budgeting.

Safe Workplace

Record, store and report on compliance records related to staff and contractors. Ensure that approved contractors and internal staff meet certifications.

Asset Manager

Record vital asset information for the purposes of scheduled maintenance and life cycle management. Keep track of maintenance records and all history.


Create, organize and manage educational courses for users. Includes complete registration information and payment options.


Capture employee hours and manage associated data. Designed to work independently, or can be used to capture labour within other modules.

Hazardous Substances

Control and monitor hazardous substances within your facilities. Consolidate all asbestos, mold and hazardous chemicals in one unified interface.


Establish multi-vendor and product integration and provide users with an easy-to-use, consistent ordering system for procurement supplies.

Fleet Manager

Drive efficiency with detailed information related to your fleet of vehicles, including driver details, service records, fuel purchases and history.

Lock & Key Manager

Track and record key and lockset inventory. Assign keys to users in the system such as a contractor, record deposits and create return timelines.

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