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eBASE's comprehensive support and implementation resources instill ease

Start with our implementation plan

We believe your organization’s transition should be effortless. Our implementation strategy ensure your historical data is preserved and that the suite is configured to your specific preferences. 

We import your data

First, we import all of your existing facility data. Buildings, rooms, assets, drawings, documents and users. And any other information such as existing Work Orders, Logs or Facility Permits can also be added. You need it, we’ll add it.

We structure your new system

Next, we customize your eBASE site to reach all of your organizational needs. This can include customized templates and fields, system alerts and user notifications. If you have specific routing processes that are in place – we can manipulate those within your eBASE software.

We support the go-live

Consider us your shadow during the whole process. From beginning to as long as you have the software we will be there. Our training includes customized manuals for every user, videos and even in-person training to ensure everyone is on board and up-to-speed.

Continuous support as long as you need

We work closely with our clients each day, ensuring all needs are met. From clients using the software for the first time, to those that have been in the game for a while and need a refresher – we can help every step of the way.

Live support

Have a quick question or new idea? The eBASE Help Desk is a quick phone call or e-mail away from connecting with one of our amazing Client Service Coordinators. Support is available 24/7 through our Help Desk and users can chat with us directly Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern Time.

Support library

While your work clock may start earlier or go later than our live support – we’ve made it easy to find quick answers in our help articles and video tutorials. Browse through our Knowledge Base articles to find exactly what you need.    

Learn & Grow

Join the conversation to learn different ways you can heighten your eBASE experience and help your organization’s day-to-day across all departments.

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fall in love with our features

Real time stats

Access data online, anywhere. Capitalize opportunities with our intuitive KPI dashboards and reports to identify trends and improve processes.

Translatable interface

Francais? Oui. Recently eBASE has teamed up with French organizations to ensure the platform adheres to both English and French standards.

Continuous enhancements

We encourage feedback and suggestions so we can improve and heighten user experience. Just like smiles, our new features are free.

Amazingly responsive

Our software was developed to go wherever you go. Computer, tablet or phone - eBASE will form to the device you trust each day.

Community builder

Engage your community with facility rental opportunities. Discuss event specifics with our online messaging feature to ensure all needs are met.

Easy to use interface

Developed with all levels of technical competence in mind - all modules share a consistent look and feel, allowing you to navigate quickly and confidently.

Experience the eBASE advantage

Easy-to-use, easy-to-access software

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