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Streamline work order management

Seamless operations for your facility rentals

Eliminate the need for paper logbooks

Report and store incidents / processes

Complete control of facility inspections

Maximize project success with ease

Powerful operations management solutions

Record and report on compliance records

Record asset and maintenance records

Manage educational courses for users

Capture and track employee hours

Control and monitor hazardous substances

Ordering system for procurement supplies

Detailed fleet vehicle information

Track and record key and lockset inventory


Get inspired reading about different ways organizations manage their facilities.


Get inspired reading about different ways organizations manage their facilities.

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A group of students posing in front of a large building. "Right-Sized" Systems Assists Independent School with Complex Facilities Management Challenges. Client Success Stories

“Right-Sized” Systems Assists Growing Vancouver Independent School with Complex Facilities Management Challenges

With continuing growth at St. George’s School in Vancouver, British Columbia, the Director of Operations and the Operations team recognized the need for a robust …

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A person typing on a laptop computer while considering the benefits of upgrading their facility's CMMS to ebase. Blog

Make the Switch to ebase: Why your Facility Needs a CMMS Upgrade

Smooth running operations are the make-or-break for any business, and that’s where Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) solutions come in to save the day. But …

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Facility Rentals

Better Together: Feedback from ebase Facility Rentals Users Inspires Timesaving New Upgrade

What’s the best way to design a software system for users who live and breathe facilities management? Ask the people who live and breathe facilities …

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An office cleaner utilizing ebase technology in the battle against COVID-19. Health & Safety

5 Ways ebase Is Helping Facilities Management Teams In The Fight Against COVID-19

While the pandemic’s arrival in 2020 altered life for everyone, the changes it has driven in the roles and responsibilities of those working in Facilities …

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A man utilizing a face mask while effectively working on a laptop, enhancing productivity with module upgrades. Facility Rentals

Better Together: Talking + Tweaking = Timesaving Module Upgrades

As our ebase Customer Support Team engages with users, their ears are always open for feedback that could help improve our portfolio of facilities management …

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Facility Rentals

Meet The Modules – ebase Facility Rentals

The Old Way Facility rentals do a lot more than bring community members together. They are also a significant source of revenue for school boards …

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