Digital Logbooks

Use this module to:

Use this module to:

Record log results

Quickly document log results using a computer or personalized smart device. Say goodbye to those loose papers and big binders.

Meet deadlines

Automate logs to generate daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly – the list goes on just like your work day. System notifications alert you when logs are due – assisting submissions.

Customize logs

Unlimited by design, users can create custom templates or choose from an existing library of logs. Ensure each field fits your needs.

Track & report

Capture data and allow instant access and reporting to the appropriate parties for all logbooks. Identify trends to help streamline internal processes.

Say farewell to paper.

Eliminate the need for traditional paper log books – record and submit logs from any web-enabled device.

Real-time software

With real-time software you can access up-to-date log information from anywhere. Get your hands on the exact data you need.

Open and view logs assigned to you, add data, images or comments on each log – capture the full picture. Who ever said you need to be a large organization to benefit from an online solution?

Data dive

Our interface integrates the latest web technology to maximize speed and ease of use. Access ready-to-use reports with built-in options to integrate all your data points in one place.

Create, analyze and share meaningful reports that display your organization’s real-time data.

Training modules

Our training videos, guided sheets, webinars, site visits and customer support team work together to achieve a great user experience. 

We pride ourselves on keeping things simple and supporting an environment that’s easy-to-use, but we also know the importance of user training. We offer a full suite of online training videos and documents for users to access anytime.

Customization, flexibility & control

Customizable Digital Logbook templates help capture multiple levels of detail to reflect your organization’s unique needs and terminology. The flexible routing system can accommodate several logbook process flows simultaneously. 

Easily assign logs to specific users at each facility when needed and track all actions in each logbook’s history.

Other benefits

Maximize eBASE by integrating Digital Logbooks with:

 Asset Manager 
Assign and associate logs to specific assets for simple maintenance tasks and compliance recording.

 Facility Inspections 
Create digital logbooks to reflect action issues identified through various site inspections.

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