Hazardous Substances

Use this module to:

Use this module to:

Access live data

Securely view and identify all asbestos, mold, lead and other substances within individual rooms in each facility. 

Consolidate inventory

Organize all facility substances in one easy-to-use repository. With tiered permissions, everyone can see what they need, when needed.

Survey with ease

Provide contractors with the necessary tools and repository needed to complete their work safely. 

Track & report

Quickly generate reports in PDF or Excel formats for further data analysis. Dynamic filers help extract any desired data.

Say farewell to paper.

Control and monitor hazardous substances within facilities from any web-enabled device.

Real-time software

With real-time software you can access up-to-date facility information from anywhere. Get your hands on the exact data you need.

Control and monitor hazardous substances within your facilities for safety assurance. Consolidate all asbestos, mold, lead and hazardous chemicals in one unified interface. Provide contractors with the information needed to complete work safely.

Data dive

Our interface integrates the latest web technology to maximize speed and ease of use. Access ready-to-use reports with built-in options to integrate all your data points in one place. 

Create, analyze and share meaningful reports that display your organization’s real-time data. 

Survey results

We pride ourselves on keeping things simple and supporting an environment that’s easy-to-use. Users can access survey results through any web-enabled device and easily add new entries.

We all love keeping things around probably longer than we should – this doesn’t differ in eBASE. All historical records are saved for as long as you need them and can be easily viewed for yearly comparisons. 

Other benefits

Maximize eBASE by integrating Hazardous Substances with:

 Work Orders 
Automatically inform service providers of potential hazardous substances within specific areas in each facility upon work assignment.

 Project Manager 
Carefully monitor any substances that may be disturbed during re-modeling or demolition projects. And update any substance entries as needed.

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