Operations Manager

Use this module to:

Use this module to:

Save time

Determine standard time benchmarks for each task down to a room level at each facility.

Operate effectively

Depending on whether it’s a holiday, special occasion or just a regular day – alter the facility operation levels with the click of a button.

Work efficiently

Ensure appropriate resources are staffed to complete your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly routines.

Track & report

Gain a better understanding of how facility operations impact your resources and overall facility budgets. 

Say farewell to over staffing.

Effectively manage day-to-day operations of your facilities from any web-enabled device.

Real-time software

With real-time software you can access up-to-date facility information from anywhere. Get your hands on the exact data you need.

Manage the day-to-day operations of your facilities, including staffing levels, work load calculations, resource allotment and budgeting. With the click of a button, service levels can change to accommodate facility and resource needs.

Data dive

Our interface integrates the latest web technology to maximize speed and ease of use. Access ready-to-use reports with built-in options to integrate all your data points in one place. 

Create, analyze and share meaningful reports that display your organization’s real-time data. 

The specifics

Drill down to the room level at each facility within your organization and determine how long it should take to complete tasks. Plan and budget resources based on the square footage and service level selected.

Automatically update cost projections to reflect changes to full time employee requirements, space changes and service level modifications.


Customization, flexibility & control

Build a task library that captures multiple levels of detail and reflects your organization’s unique needs and terminology. Associate each task to a specific group for quick filtering and assignment. Include the frequency and duration that each task requires from level 1 to level 5. 

Modifications can be made at anytime. As facility requirements change – so can eBASE.

Other benefits

“eBASE has always impressed me with their efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspires confidence, but also generates the results we need. We needed an effective solution to address the problem of managing facility data.”

– Tom Oldham – Manager of Facility Services, Grand Erie District School Board, Ontario

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