Use this module to:

Use this module to:

Manage courses

Create a complete course catalogue and include details about each course offering for internal and public users.

Communicate easily

Manage email campaigns to communicate new course information, schedule changes or cancellations to registered users.

Register online

Enable the public to create and manage personal accounts to access course registrations, billing information and schedules.

Track & report

Access a full report environment of various accounting and registrant reports developed for your exact needs.

Say farewell to paper.

Users can register for and manage courses from any web-enabled device.

Real-time software

With real-time software you can access up-to-date registration information from anywhere. Get your hands on the exact data you need.

Create and publish course offerings, set registration fees, and view and approve registrants. Access all course information in one easy-to-use platform.  Who ever said you need to be a large organization to benefit from an online solution?

Data dive

Our interface integrates the latest web technology to maximize speed and ease of use. Access ready-to-use reports with built-in options to integrate all your data points in one place. 

Create, analyze and share meaningful reports that display your organization’s real-time data.

Attention to details

We pride ourselves on keeping things simple and supporting an environment that’s easy-to-use. Quickly view course enrollment and allow instructors to keep track of attendance during each session. And easily create course time offerings with our online scheduler.

Our training videos, guided sheets, webinars, site visits and customer support team work together to achieve a great user experience.  

Customization, flexibility & control

Completely customizable to fit your organizations unique terminology, public and internal users can view all course offerings through an online portal. With a quick registration process, users can fill in all the required information and make payments online. 

With 24/7 access to their registered courses and schedules – users are in the know at all times.


“The staff were magnificent in helping us to get the program up and running with all of the basics in a matter of days. They were there every step of the way.”

– Ian Crichton- Program Coordinator, Edmonton Public Schools, Alberta, Ontario

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