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16 modules shaped by users just like you. Explore all of our solutions.

Streamline work order management

Seamless operations for your facility rentals

Eliminate the need for paper logbooks

Report and store incidents / processes

Complete control of facility inspections

Maximize project success with ease

Powerful operations management solutions

Record and report on compliance records

Record asset and maintenance records

Manage educational courses for users

Capture and track employee hours

Control and monitor hazardous substances

Ordering system for procurement supplies

Detailed fleet vehicle information

Track and record key and lockset inventory

resource allocation to enhance operations

Better Together: Talking + Tweaking = Timesaving Module Upgrades

A man utilizing a face mask while effectively working on a laptop, enhancing productivity with module upgrades.

As our ebase Customer Support Team engages with users, their ears are always open for feedback that could help improve our portfolio of facilities management modules. While every client’s facilities management situation is unique, many share the common challenge of trying to accomplish a growing list of tasks with an increasingly time-stretched team. In our […]

Meet The Modules – ebase Facility Rentals

The Old Way Facility rentals do a lot more than bring community members together. They are also a significant source of revenue for school boards and municipalities. However, without the right system in place, facility rentals can result in additional labour costs for many organizations. Having to manage bookings and cancellations, track payments and generate […]

Facility Managers: A Facility Manager’s Guide To Getting More Done In Less Time

A man is using a tablet to get more done efficiently.

If there’s one common complaint among Facility Managers, it’s that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get through everything on their to-do list. That said, in our conversations with Facility Managers across Canada and the United States, we also hear many success stories from those who are using tools that are helping […]

Facility Cancellation Chaos to One-Click Clarity

While news of a school closure might generate cheers and high fives from students, it can be a headache inducing, labour intensive turn of events for those employees who oversee facility rentals. Without the proper system in place, unexpected school closures can create a domino effect of phone calls, rescheduling, billing changes and additional reporting requirements.  The Problem With 608 schools and individual 560 […]